《Himalaya Ladder》 is coming, xiongmai is the sponsor of dream.

2015/ 10/ 10

The first film to record Everest climbing 4 kilometers with ultra-high resolution.


"The Himalayan ladder" will officially released on October 16.


The Himalayan ladder was directed by two senior documentary filmmaker -Xiao Han, Liang Junjian; it took a year to finish editing by French editor Matthew who edited the"doomed" won the golden horse directed by jia zhangke ;Music was directed by Mr. Fantastic who was cooperated with many grammy award-winning entertainers and global superstar international well-known production team.

The film lasted 4 years, focused on the young Tibet mountaineering guide, fully recorded the whole process of climbing north slope of Himalaya. The original of the name was from the tibetans white small ladder painting on the wall of the qinghai-tibet plateau, the locals called it the "ladder"and believed it could get the soul of the world to the holy land, and these Everest guide teenagers play the role :ladder – someone took 8848 as the end of the trip, but for them, this is just a starting point and bar mitzvah. 


 Dream of the sponsor


Actually, life is climbing along with the difficulties, there is also a good scenery, on the peak is unlimited scenery. On the way, you can enjoy the process of climbing and the joy of successfully to the peak.


And every one of us to struggle for the dream will encounter many outsiders’ misunderstand, your opponent's ridicule and realistic obstacles. Be strong, it not only needs courage, also friends’ support. And I just want to join you on this way to fight to the end, because you are my friends most in need!


To those who have been supporting Xiongmai salute users, the company sponsored the Himalayan ladder at costly, because we are willing to do "dream of the sponsors".


Ten thousand tickets are free of charge


Since October 3, the Himalayan ladder will premiere in 10 cities across the country for tour activities, then Xiongmai as important sponsors will also be invited to attend, it will play xiongmai mall advertising video and upcoming outdoor sports equipment - "warriors" sports camera, xiongmai will invite cooperate partners and loyal users to attend together, in the opening scene, at the giving of vehicle traveling data recorder, Xiongmai mall is selling "rambo 1 s"and a series of activities.


The film will be released to the public on October 16 to November 16, Xiongmai takes out ten thousand tickets to send to the ones who struggle for the dream. The outdoor sports lovers can focus on Xiongmai mall,to participate in lottery and win the Himalayan ladder tickets.


Look at the following drawing

Look at the following drawing

Look at the following drawing


Important things must be three times

Activity time: October 1 - October 31  three chances a day

The ticket lottery:

The first step : focus on theXiongmai mall WeChat public "hzxm030" and forward this information to friends, you can get free ticket lottery welfare;

The second step: click on the Xiongmai mall WeChat public number at the bottom of the menu bar "activity" - ten thousand tickets are free


Third step: participate in the big wheel draw, draw, three chances a day, after winning the lottery,you must fill in your cell phone number + city according to clew , if not, you won’t receive the electronic voucher

And from October 16th, we will send you the voucher as messages to your phone.

Time: October 16 - November 16

The campaign for the movie tickets as followed cities: Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu, wuhan, chongqing, hangzhou, nanjing, suzhou.  

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