Xiongmai invites you to the Fall Exhibition in Hongkong

2015/ 10/ 19

On October 13th 2015, team of xiongmai attended the 2015 Hong Kong electronic Fair., Hong Kong Fall electronic Fair is Asia’s largest comprehensive electronic trade fair, attracting outstanding exhibitors and professional buyers from all over the world every year. Products are very professional, also covers the fields of audio and video, multimedia, communication and security and so on, assemble the major international electronics industry well-known brands and fashion innovative products. The show started from 13 to 16, four days. The exhibition attracted more than 4100 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions to participate in. Xiongmai appeared with a full range of boutique in Hong Kong convention and exhibition center CH - J06.The booth area up to 30 square meters, the exhibition is divided into four blocks -the Smart Home, intelligent household, Home Security (Home monitoring), Auto Mate (partner), Sport Camera Camera (movement),set oversized products experienced table .Yellow man, smart socket, PTZ camera, "raindrops"  and so on, successfully attracted many professional customers at home and abroad.


What different from the past on this exhibition is the "raindrops" home video cameras and”warrior” sport camera had a place in the "brand assemble gallery".


All along, the "brand assemble corridor" is the focus of the Fall electronicl exhibition, for gathering big global electronics brands and products, assembled scientific research and invention with the high-profile. When successfully displayed in “brand assemble gallery”, it mean that no matter the appearance or inherent, Xiongmai’s products could be tested. Let’s read them. 


The “Warrior” sport camera:


If you are a sports enthusiasts, the "warriors" sports camera is absolutely your best choice. Whether cycling, parachuting, surfing, or skiing, you can bring it along. 0.6 seconds to speed up;3500 milliampere battery with large capacity, working six hours straight without a charge; With 16 gb / 32 gb storage memory card, using the latest H. 264 hybrid coding to save about 50% storage space; Personalized accessories, head wear, selfie stick, bicycle frame, auto suction cups, tripod...they will let you to play all kinds of extreme scenario with no dead Angle .

The "raindrops" home video camera


In addition of the shape, it also has a strong performance, "raindrops" Supports rotate 360 °, 120 - degree wide Angle, can shoot at any Angle without burden; Intimate design, the bottom of the magnet adsorption, can suck and off;720P plus light visual; To do voice intercom with mobile phone directly...With raindrops, whatever to protect the old man, look after children, take care of a pet or smart house can record at any time and place easily .

Pls see as bellowed:




Oversized products experienced table, welcome to have a try.


Yellow man 


Raindrop camera


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