Sink and abundant, innovation - XIONGMAI sails again in 2015

2015/ 11/ 06


On October 28th, 2015, the honor list of security industry was officially published in The Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel, after the research and evaluation by A&S, Xiongmai makes innovation in products, technology, marketing, business model, awards&honorabl title of “China  security industry top ten barnds consumption intelligent hardware class”


It is encouragement for Xiongmai’s strong growth, all this time, Xiongmai’s innovation power and demonstration effect in the development of security industry is obvious to all, even in the background of many variables and cross-border integration in security industry, it is still able to stick out.


At the beginning of the event, around the theme of “Security&Internet”, The VP of Yushi Technology Xiaqing Yan, Vice-general manager of Anjubao digital technology Xiaojin Huang, assistant president of Netposa Shuntian Zhen, general manager of PCI-suntek technology Xinfang Zhang shared and discussed new business model could be excavated for security industry, predicted the trend of the industry and made sustainable denelopment business model and channels.


After the speech, discussion went into a climax state, wonderful summit forum ignited the sparks of thinking. The president of Hikvision Yangzhong Hu, CEO of Dahua LeiLiang, Chairman of Chuanggao security ChenLi, Chief engineer of Shideanlegrand were discussing fiercely around the theme of “ how to play when the intelligent household into <free> mode”. For the market of intelligent household is mess, what is the real meaning to the users? Security monitoring, intelligent caring is the key.


The award is urging on Xiongmai to grow maturely, then it will gain great success.


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