4M-N is Coming

2017/ 08/ 14

The 4M-N a sort of the more advanced “N” technology developed by Xiongmai Is coming.

The 4M-N means half of 4Mp and the vertical resolution reach to 1440. In view of the fact that human visual system would more sensitive with vertical resolution, so that 4M-N could plays its full advantages to use the same 4Mp vertical resolution to make the visual performances approach the effects of 4Mp and better than 2Mp. The horizontal resolution of 4M-N is half of 4Mp, that means the code-rate will be halve directly, meanwhile, match the H.264+ encode algorithm that makes our products achieve 720P bit-stream、720P storage、720P prices and 4Mp Ultra high-definition performances.

The technology of “N” spring from 1080N(960*1080) a kind of the half of 1080P resolution, that is firstly created by Xiongmai in 2015. And the 1080N technology lets our products reach to 720Pbit-stream、720P storage、720P prices and 1080P visual performance. 

 1080N technology makes the coaxial leap into the 2Mp full high definition epoch

At the beginning of 2015,the 1080N’s coming brought a new vitality into the coaxial high-definition market, additionally, rapidly pushed the popularity of 2Mp coaxial high-definition market. 1080N with the trend of coaxial high-definition break through 720P, and began to fully turn to 1080P trend that let coaxial leaps into 2Mp (1080P) Full HD era.

720P prices, 720P code-rate, 1080P experiences.


4M-N makes the coaxial rapidly leap into 4Mp era

(1)Exceed 2Mp

Base on 1080N technology,Xiongmai regenerate the video capture technology again and launch the new capture format of 1440 vertical resolution definition video, which the visual effects would be more remarkable: better than 2Mp and approach 4Mp Ultra HD.

(2)Remain the 720P costs

4M-N solved the contradiction that between more high-definition image quality and high costs of Ultra HD products program, meanwhile, achieved the 4Mp front-end access with the case of product costs consistent with 720P, that allow customers spend 720P prices to enjoy 4Mp Ultra HD experiences.

From the 1080N to 4M-N,Xiongmai whether makes the coaxial leap into the 4Mp era again?

①4M PK 1080P Real Size Comparison


▲4M PK 1080P Real Size Comparison


▲4M-N real pixel &expand pixel


▲1080P real pixel & expand pixel

4M-N vertical resolution is higher than 1080P and horizontal resolution less than 1080P, but from the view of expand visual angle 4M-N will be better than 1080P.

② 4M-N PK 1080P detail effects comparison


▲4M-N PK 1080P detail effects comparison

Hightechnologies would help 4M(4M-N) to take-off

In addition to the 4M-N technology has itself advantages, and match up Xiongmai’s high technologies let LME series products with added strength.

(1)H.264+ (quasi H.265)

To support 4M-N, we must enhance the resolution which would cause the increase of bit-stream, but match up the H.264+ (quasi H.265) video codec algorithm developed by Xiongmai could able to reduce video bitrate greatly under the premise of the same image quality, thus we could obtain 4Mp image quality with 720P bit-stream. 



Supporting 4M-N under the consistent situation of CMOS manufacturing process will let customers have higher requirements to image quality. Additionally, the Xiongmai proprietary coaxial HD transmission video format XVI could able to achieve image enhancement、noise reduction and optimization of image effects.


XVI has coaxial control, coaxial upgrade, configuration import / export and other powerful functions, that would bring the blessings for a large number of customized customers. And we could greatly improve the version update and personalized customized efficiency.


(3)Intelligent Analysis

New products of LME series equip standard tripping detection and other basic intelligent analysis functions to achieve security incidents in advance prevention.


Equipped standard intelligent playback and other advanced intelligent analysis functions to achieve efficient retrieval of security events and obtain evidences after the events.


Let coaxial is possible

It is foreseeable that the conflict between the pursuit of Ultra HD image quality and the rapidly increase of bit-stream,4M-N born at the appropriate time and will be touted by the market. The 4M-N with a lot of high technologies in one and only need 720P product costs,therefore,which direction will the 4M-N leads coaxial high-definition to go?


4M-N can be supported by firmware update for all LME products, download link is as follows:


Program path


General GUI:





General GUI:





General GUI:




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