Crazy bulb is coming

2017/ 08/ 30

Newest is the best. XM newest VR bulb is storming!


Unbelievable D/N white light full color

XM adopt the traditional “double light” technology on the VR bulb, achieving the full-time color technology. 

D/N White light full color mode:

1.No color cast at daytime

Under daytime environment, IR filter will filter the IR in natural light, which can solve the problem of infrared jamming.


2.Full color at night

LED white light will simulate natural light to get light compensation, abandon B/W image, and make color purer and more real, and outline shaper.  Image quality is similar as daytime. 


Flexible control of bulb light

XM intelligent bulb is installed with 3pcs 2w white light LED. Suitable for normal environment.

Different controlling method:

1.Automatic control

Under rainy daytime environment: natural light brightness gets down. bulb can be set to auto open and close when it senses the environment brightness.  So it can offer brightness for daily application in time. 



2.Time setting control

As per different user needs, you can set the bulb opening and closing period. In order to avoid the unnecessary power consumption caused by forgetting turning off the light. 


Wonderful APP experience

XM intelligent VR bulb uses fish-eye lens, visual angle 180°, can cover all the monitoring environment, and get VR image. Meanwhile, it supports various VR view mode. 

1.360VR mode:support image enlarging, extending and PTZ rotating. 


2.Roll mode:strip shape image,support image moving left and right.


3.Hat mode: hat shaped image,support inside and outside hat viewing, image overturn.


4.Bowl mode: bowl shaped image, support inside and outside bowl viewing, image overturn.


5.Column mode: column shaped image, support inside and outside column viewing, image overturn.


6.Two splitting screen modeimage is divided into 2 from up and down, support image moving left and right.


7.Four splitting screen modeimage is divided into 4 ,support motion detection in every small screen.


H.264+,stream reduces much

XM intelligent VR bulb uses XM newest H.264+(close to H.265) technology, Under the premise of same image quality, H.264+ can reduce video transmission stream greatly, which can save bandwidth and storage.


Different types to meet different needs

XM 1.3 mega pixel intelligent VR bulb

Adopts XM510+H65 , which is applicable for low demand of image clarity monitoring. It is mainly used for monitor person and objects movement. Economic and applicable for warehouse, factory.


XM 3 mega pixel intelligent VR bulb

Adopts 16CV300+0330 ,which is applicable for high demand of image clarity monitoring, such as home application, shopping mall application. It can clarify person, monitor details and trends.  


XM 5 mega pixel intelligent VR bulb

Adopts 16DV200+5510 ,which is applicable for strict demand of image clarity monitoring. It has high definition feature, can focus suspected person or objects effectively,  and not miss any details, first choice of project and square. 


Above plan is for reference only.  actural hardware parameter please check exact product model specification. 

Extension function

1. Working together with VMS and CMS, remote visiting more convenient.

VMS can set the device configuration, batch management, recode setting and playback control.  Operation and interaction make the bulb closer to individual users. 


CMS , VMS updating version,has more function.  Operation and interaction are more professional, better for companies.


2 . Works with VR NVR, Wi-Fi kit is recommended. 

VR motherboard(whole set)May your future shine with our double-lighting bulb

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