May your future shine with our double-lighting bulb

2017/ 10/ 09

Here is Mid-autumn Festival around the corner again, looks what we will have!

On the occasion of our Mid-autumn Festival,sends our best wishes and new opportunity.May your future shine with our double-lighting bulb.

We thanks every friend that Unites around XM, we will present every partner a gift , the smart panoramic double lighting bulb, hoping we will have Further and deeper cooperation in the future.


What’s double-lighting?

Double-lighting bulb has the normal white lighting and the additional infrared lighting.

The awkwardness for the typical light bulb products is that they can’t reconcile the camera’s need for light with customer’s need for dousing. In another words, when you shut the light, the camera can’t film in the total dark.

This is when the infrared lighting kicks in, it makes the environment visible for the camera without disturbing your customers.

Futhermore, XM’s smart panoramic double lighting bulb can also support Day/Night full color filming with a clear imaging. Combined with the infrared lighting, this product can adapt almost all situations disregarding of the environment lighting. 


Automatically switch to IR mode

What’s special about the bulb

1. New generation starlight sensor

Applied the newest SC2235 sensor, 1/2.7”, 3.0um, Ultra-High sensitivity, allows Luminous flux high enough to present the excellent full color image during the night.

SC2235 is a update of the SC2135, which fully Transcend it’s old version, especially in night vision. 

2235 has the lead on color reduction, noise reduce, detail’s Integrity,  dynamic range and  brightness consistency.



SC2235 VS SC2135

2. 2M resolution, better definition

Effective resolution reaches 1080*1080, 1.27 times more then 960*960, able to present more detail.


3. New H.264+, perfect experience

XM510 processor, with H.264+ compression, which reduces stream size to less then 60% of the normal stream. Also reduces the APP and network device’s work loads.(APP1~2 seconds faster)

Along with the great imaging ability, superb encode and low power consumption. It also supports H.264 main profile, low noise coding under low illumination, cable to transfer stream under very low band width.


4. Overall protection measures

①Flame retardant material: All material are advanced flame retardant, all is secured

②Two sets of Transformer output: secured from the source, 12V and 5V output Separated, 100% more security

③Additional four new patents:

White/ infrared light control , image transmit and control based on RPS, smart Analysis for motion in a panoramic vision, design patent of series B bulb. No Legal issues.

5. Humanized lighting control

Off: white light off, infrared auto switched on during night

On: white light always on, infrared keeps off

Timing: white light auto on and off, at the set time

Auto: white light on/off decided by environment brightness,  infrared keeps off

AI:when motion detect triggers, white light on, after no detect for 60s, the white light off and the infrared on



1. APP-iCSee


2. PC







-Happy Mid-autumn Day-

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