NVR’s ending and beginning

2017/ 10/ 16

Traditional NVRs is very mature as accessorial embedded device for front-end IP storage of network monitoring solution in security industry. The industry demand is more critical,NVR’s functions are completed and improved already. Except the products overlapping by chips updating, the traditional NVR is coming to the industry ending, and lost the development motivation. 

However, “Internet+” and “Intelligent” bring us the new developing direction. XM releases new generation Hi3536C、3536D solution NVR based on internet and intelligent creatively which is pushing NVR to a new beginning.

What features does the new generation have?


Support H.265+ in all models

Compatible H.265、H.264+、H.264

H.265+ is the improved video encoding technology based on H.265 by XM. Compared with same image of H.265, the comprehensive stream will lower around 30%~50%, if under static image, can lower more than 75% obviously. 



Support mobile DSS visiting 

Feel the great experience of instant connection of multi channels

XM new generation NVR support remote DSS visiting on mobile APP. Multi channels connect and show image instantly. Performance is stable and reliable. Connectivity ratio is 100% successfully.



Intelligent searching 

More easy to find video record

Based on the video data analysis technology, NVR can sort the video content, which can achieve the synch-playback, playback by time, intelligent fast play, intelligent searching, and more intelligent playback mode. It overturns the traditional playback mode by time location. 



POE extension

Feel the great experience of once plug-in, image shows immediately

XM new generation support POE module. When POE module is connected, it can become POE NVR. So it can achieve network power supply and once plug-in, image shows immediately. More convenient.



VR improvement

Make economic products more popular

XM new generation NVR (particular models) can support VR IP cameras, which achieves VR improvement at back-end device and get modes same as mobile APP. 

With the advantage of NVR VR improvement, we solve the storage, playback and image showing problems of VR front-end device, so as to break the barrier between traditional security industry and customers.


New generation NVR, integrated with the Internet and Intelligent gene, breaks the limits of traditional NVR and brings new NVR beginning.  

XM will lead the new generation NVR’s development and create a new future!

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