An announcement of NextChip patent AHD and strengthen accountability for its illegal use

2015/ 09/ 17

Dear customers:

NEXTCHIP honor you! 

AHD  is a technology developed by  NEXTCHIP  independently, which not only obtains multinomial patents in Korea, but also is in the course of obtaining patents all over the world nowadays, besides China.

We find that a few knockoffs have already emerged on the market these days. They copy NEXTCHIP’s AHD technology, especially its HDI products.

For this, NEXTCHIP solemnly reaffirm:

AHD program is independently developed by NEXTCHIP. NEXTCHIP owns its intellectual property.  NEXTCHIP is the sole supplier of AHD products without any other partners.

NEXTCHIP’s AHD program contains proprietary communication protocols called A-CP protocols. Therefore, if customers use informal AHD products (such as HDI products), it may cause a vital problem------ CCTV camera cannot connect DVR. What is more, such knockoffs do not have numerous quality performance provided by AHD. Their poor image quality cannot guarantee the performance of CCTV camera nor DVR. It even may fail to output image. As for the technical problems caused by using these knockoffs, NEXTCHIP is also unable to provide normal technical support. NEXTCHIP declare that it holds no responsibility for these problems.

Customers should pay attention to discrimination during purchasing, to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the use of these knockoffs.

Meanwhile, NEXTCHIP reserves the right to take any legal action necessary against those companies illegally manufacture, sell, advertise, publicize knockoffs.

NEXTCHIP will be further committed to providing products have more competitive price with high quality level, as well as perfect technical support.

Finally, once again express deep thanks for all the customers support NEXTCHIP!

Kyoungsoo Kim

CEO of Nextchip


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