Beware of account change, avoid scams -----warm reminder for changes of account information

2015/ 09/ 17

Dear customers,

Thanks for your support giving to Xiongmai Family and our member units all the time.

Recently, some unruly elements steal customer information through illegal activities and then inform customers to change balance account in the name of our member units. Thus brings to serious losses for customers. Now the police have taken investigation into this case. For avoiding the unruly elements continue to defraud and destroying customers’ interests, the management of Xiongmai Family releases the following reminder on the matter:

The balance accounts of Xiongmai family member units are subjected to formal notice. No other informal notice for account changes will be authorized by Xiongmai family. Any questions or when the account is different with former ones, please contact our financial management center for confirmation (Tel: +86-0571-23271188-407). Please be careful when making payments to avoid unnecessary losses.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co.,LTD.


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