A solemn statement of copyright piracy

2013/ 07/ 09

1. The copyright of the IP module belongs to Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co., Ltd. others cannot copy or sale it without permission, or we will investigate its legal liability legally. 

2. Customers cannot change, returned the products and enjoy other after-sales service if the IP module products were purchased through non-formal channels. So please discern the false from the genuine on your purchase. The pirated products only own part of cracked technology. The incomplete cracking will bring to serious quality problems during use. We are not responsible for thus quality problems of the pirate products.

3. How to discern the pirated IP module: there is a breach at the edge of the pirate IP module, as shown in the follow figure.


Please discern the false from the genuine on your purchase, avoiding being cheated. When customers have bought pirate products, we will provide certificate of product to them for their claim to the sellers.

If you have some related clue, please contact our legal department, the email address is law@xiongmaitech.com.


                                     Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co.,LTD.


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