2019/ 05/ 09

Dear customers and partners,

Due to the U.S. Department of Defense released the report named "5G Ecosystem: Risks and Opportunities for the US Department of Defense" on April 3rd 2019, which mentioned the XiongMai HuaWei and HiSilicon companies.

To this end ,our company specifically declares the following,

1)  The issue mentioned in the report only involved part of our H.264 DVR products and we have already realized and solved this issue by upgrading firmware since a long time ago.

2)  This issue is related to configuration of the default account which belongs to our upper firmware design , and has nothing to do with HuaWei HiSilicon chips or its SDK.


We have notice that some overseas media also hyped about this matter many times , so we here again to issue this statement to clarify it.


Hangzhou XiongMai Technology Co.,Ltd

8th May 2019

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